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Data Center

Business data is one of your most valuable assets but managing and protecting it can also be one of your highest costs. If you’ve tried to maintain your own data center, you know the challenges of monitoring and maintaining each component. Maybe you’ve worked with a data center directly but haven’t seen the level of service you expected. Invicta Partners offers data center hosting, disaster recovery, private cloud storage and business continuity services to help organizations protect their assets and make better strategic decisions about their infrastructure.

Data Center Services

Invicta works with organizations both small and large throughout Tennessee and the Southeast. We’ve worked with global organizations as well as single-location businesses. Our team understands the importance of putting the right technology in place, but we also know that providing top-notch service is even more important. Our team members have experience in diverse areas of IT, providing you with a partner who truly understands the heterogenous nature of IT environments and the challenges organizations face in managing their data and applications.

Our data center solutions include:

  • Hosting
  • Disaster recovery
  • Private cloud
  • Business Continuity