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Business Continuity Planning

Most businesses do not have the resources to maintain the IT staff needed to handle the aftermath of a disaster. A Vanson Bourne independent research study of 850 global organizations revealed that less than half of organizations currently have an incidence response plan in place in the event of a cyber attack, the most common interruption in today’s corporate environment. Cyber attacks are just one of many interruptions that can occur; environmental disasters, power outages and IT system failures can all result in disastrous revenue and data loss without the proper planning in place. A managed services provider can give you peace of mind knowing you have the right plan in place to prevent disasters and keep your business running during an interruption.

Business Continuity Services

Invicta recommends and implements business continuity industry best practices for large and small organizations. Using the latest technology and more than 200 aggregate years of IT experience, we’ll help your organization put the right plan in place. Invicta will help you decide which investments provide the most reliable service. Just like our managed services, our business continuity and disaster recovery services are crafted with security in mind. After performing a thorough analysis of current threats and gaps in protection, we’ll create a business continuity plan to protect your data and critical business functions.

Discover the Difference

Protecting your business is not just about the right hardware, it’s also about having the right people on your team. Invicta Partners is focused on creating the right security solution for our customers while providing top notch service. Contact us to discover the difference Invicta Partners can make to the continuity of your business services so you can focus on what you do best.


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