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Why Your Small Business Might Benefit from a Managed IT Provider

No matter the size of your business in today’s world, you need technology. With technology comes added headaches. When we come to work, we want our computer systems to work and our employees to be efficient. If you own a small business, it might be worth while for you to look at what a Managed Services Provider can bring to the table. There are a lot of added benefits. Check them out below!


Cost Savings

Most businesses are intimated by the costs of a managed IT firm. But compared to the cost of a ransomware attack or data lost, it can see like a much less expensive investment. Over time, you will save money and time by implementing the correct IT systems. Not to mention, Managed IT firms are able to provide solutions and services at a lower cost than what it would be if you purchased the services directly. They are able to get discounts on licensing and softwares that they can then pass along to their customers.


Enhanced Security

Security for your business should be one of the most important things nowadays. When you partner with a managed service provider, they are keeping up to date on all of the latest threats and softwares that can be implemented to help protect your business. As a business owner or employee, you may not have the time to resources to invest in what’s new or what’s needed to protect against cyber threats. But a managed services provider does that all day. They can also bring you those solutions at a much lower cost, which helps in the long run.


Access to Knowledgeable Resources

When you hire an IT firm, you don’t just get one person, you get a full team. Many managed services providers have expertise ranging from Tier 1 Level support to Tier 3 Level support. This can also include resources that can implement equipment, software and applications. Many times, these managed services firms also manage a wide range of customers in different industries. That can be very beneficial to businesses because more likely than not, they have techs that have run into the same problem some else had or they can make recommendations based on solutions they’ve implemented for other businesses similar to yours.


Increased Efficiency and Productivity

If you partner with a good managed services provider, you’ll be able to streamline your processes and have a smooth day to day operation. Managed services providers are often times proactive, which means they are fixing problems on the backend before you even notice it’s a problem. They are responsible for running updates and checking firmware and most of them will do this after hours or outside of working hours, so when you come to work the next day, your equipment doesn’t have any down time. And once again, if the managed services provider has the resources, they can make recommendations to help create more efficient processes with technology and software so that you can continue running your business.


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