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Why Your Business Should Be Looking at Microsoft 365

Is your company evaluating email solutions? Do you have issues with your current email platform? There are so many ways businesses can get their emails. Whether it’s through a hosting platform like Google or on a physical server. There’s no doubt that Microsoft is a familiar name in the tech world, but do you know what they can offer in terms of email and additional services? It’s certainly worth investigating the benefits of Microsoft 365 if you’re looking for a change.

What is Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a subscription-based cloud service that provides email hosting and world class applications, including your Office Suite. This is an integrated system that allows you to chat, share, and collaborate all on a familiar platform.

There are several different licensing options available based on what you need. Which is great because businesses need that type of flexibility. You have the option to just get your email if that’s all you need. If you don’t need your email, you can actually get your Office Suite applications like your Word, Excel, and Outlook on a subscription basis. One of the most cost-effective options though, would be to get your applications AND your email together, which is a third option. Other familiar Items such as SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams are included in some of the higher packages.


Why might Microsoft 365 be attractive to your businesses?

  1. Reduce Your Hardware – Do you still have a physical Exchange Server at your office? With Microsoft 365, you can forget about costly hardware upgrades and the labor for the maintenance of that equipment.


  1. It’s a Subscription Based Model – We all know that the nice thing about a subscription is that you only pay for what you need. Your pricing can go up and down each month depending on your needs.


  1. You Can Work From Anywhere – Now more than ever, we have a remote work force. People want to be able to access their documents and email from anywhere in the world. Microsoft 365 allows you to have access from any device and all you need is an internet connection.


  1. You Get the Microsoft Office Suite – No more upfront licenses costs for Word and Excel every couple of years. There’s nothing worse than buying a license and then realizing that you don’t need it anymore and you’ve already paid for it. Microsoft 365 gives you your Office Suite on a subscription basis. You also have the latest up to date version, so you never have to purchase updates.  


  1. It Focuses on Collaboration – When you sign up for Microsoft 365, you have access to Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. Use Teams to chat across your workforce and hold meetings with your individual conference bridge. SharePoint is a place to store documents that everyone can have access to, from anywhere. You can also see who has edited documents in real time. No more emailing back and forth and confusing versions.


  1. Security and backup – Microsoft has invested the resources into their cloud infrastructure to not only make it secure, but also provide backups. In the event your physical office is disrupted, you can sleep better knowing your data in secure in Microsoft’s cloud services.


  1. Mobile Device Management – BYOD is huge now and everybody has several devices they bring into work. Whether it’s a tablet or a smart phone, most people have them and want to connect to the internet. With Intune, you can have mobile device management ready to go and keep track of all of the devices on your network. You can control the access of work sensitive information, all without jeopardizing someone’s personal device.


Need help navigating the different products that are available within Microsoft 365? Invicta Partners can help discuss your needs and the different subscription options. Give us a call at 423-664-8700 or shoot us an email at


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