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Why should you invest in unified communications


Unified communications continues to be a topic of conversation. Since the start of the pandemic, businesses have needed to find a way to communicate with their work force in a cost effective, and seamless way. With more than half of some business’s workforce going remote, managers and bosses needed a way to talk to their staff and keep documents and processes in a centralized area that everyone could access with ease.

As businesses continue to evolve between hybrid work environments or maybe fully remote, they continue to need these types of solutions. That could be anywhere from messaging a solutions like Teams or Slack to document sharing like SharePoint. But why should your business invest in unified communications? Find out some of the reasons below!

  1. Lower costs – Avoid printers and meeting in person! Much of the work force today prints out important documents and would meet in person to go over many versions of a project. But what if you have a platform where everyone could edit a document remotely, and you wouldn’t need to print out paper every time a change was made? You could save time and money in printer solutions and ink and toner, as well as office space to meet together.


  1. Improve efficiency – Having one platform or a few platforms to communicate really help streamline your processes. Video sharing and screen sharing can help to make meetings more efficient and can give everyone a seamless experience. Putting documents in one place can make sure that your work force can easily and quickly find what they need to, no matter if they’re in the office or at home.


  1. Enhance collaboration – With unified communications, platforms provide multiple different ways to communicate with your team. Some have the option to message and text, while some have the option to do quick video chats. Either way, you’ll be able to get a hold of your team and have a record of your communications outside of something like your email. This gives you multiple options to get your project done when you need to collaborate with your team.


If you’re interested in streamlining your communication and promoting collaboration between your workforce, but don’t know where to start, reach out Invicta Partners today to start a conversation! We can provide a wide range of solutions for anything you might need to communicate with your team. Call us at 423-664-8700 or email us at!

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