Why Are Businesses Hesitant to Switch IT Providers?

IT is arguably one of the most important parts of your business. Having good technology and support in place is what keeps your business running efficiently and securely. But what happens when your IT support is no longer meeting your business needs? There may come a time where your outsourced IT provider is just not providing the level of support you need and expect. Just like all relationships though, sometimes it’s best to cut ties and find a new provider.

Going through the process of finding a new IT firm can be tough. We understand that change in any organization can be difficult, especially when it comes to technology. That is why often we encounter businesses that are unhappy with their current level of support, but they don’t want to make that leap to change providers. But why?

Here’s a list of common reasons as to why businesses won’t break up with their current IT firm and some insight on how to overcome push backs for such a big decision.

1. “But we’ve been with our current IT provider for several years.”

We totally understand that there is a level of emotional commitment to the vendors we work with every day. We always find it hard to cut ties with someone you’ve been working with for a while but what value does the relationship hold if you’re not getting what you need? Being upfront and honest with your vendor can help to open the dialect.


2. “The last time we changed IT providers, we had a bad experience.”

Of course when you change anything, you have to anticipate some uncomfortableness. Most of the frustration occurs during the onboarding phase when the provider is trying to get everything in place to support you, all while your business is continuing to run. Giving the new IT firm as much information as possible on the front end and having a clear checklist can help alleviate some of that pain.


3. “We’re too busy right now.”

Again, having a clear onboarding process and a detailed checklist can help to minimize downtime during your transition. Wouldn’t you rather have better support during your busy time? That is when IT support is critical for your business.


4. “A new IT firm won’t know our programs and processes.”

The good thing about a managed IT firm is that they typically have several customers across many different industries. They tend to have vast knowledge across many different types of softwares and programs and can quickly understand how you use your technology. Asking your current IT provider for documentation on your network and having policies and procedures can help reduce the learning curve for your new provider.


5. “It’s just not a priority right now.”

If it was a priority but now it’s not, what has changed for your business? If you’re not receiving good service or getting along with your current IT firm, then now is the best time to look at other IT firms. The cost of not making a necessary change could negatively impact your business. You never want to wait until an emergency to decide that you should have made a change when you wanted to.


Once you’ve made the decision to start engaging other IT providers, make sure you have a sound vetting process. Truly understanding what you’re needing out of an IT firm or what you’re lacking from your current one, can help you decide on what’s best for your organization. Knowing how to combat pushback on change is half the battle!


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