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Tips to Keep Your Computer Healthy

As a business, everyone relies on being able to use their computers. Just like cars, there are things you can do to help your computer run smoothly and optimally. Some things, you may need an IT professional to help manager, other things are simple that end users can perform or practice. With computers now also being a main focal point of ransomware and virus attacks, it’s imperative that you not only keep your machine healthy and up to date, but many of things can help protect our computer as well.

Check out these tips below to keep your computer running healthy!

Safely Browse the Internet. Avoid going to questionable websites. Making sure you’re using reputable and safe sites can help keep your computer safe and clean. Also try to avoid unnecessary downloads. Watch out of popups and sites either wanting access to something or wanting to download an application.

Clean Up Unused Files. Try not to fill up your computer with old, unused data. Once your computer reaches a cap on data storage, you can start to experience slow loading applications and processes. If you let your computer max out with storage, it can actually prevent it from being able to power on.

Backup Data. Backing up your data is a good way to be able to clean up your computer. If you have a lot of data that you need to store, consider a backup plan that sends it off site or to the cloud, like Microsoft SharePoint, so that way all that data isn’t locally on your machine, utilizing storage.

Run Antivirus Scans Regularly. Running antivirus scans is a good way to keep your computer protected. This will help catch any unwanted activity and, in some instances, even remedy the situation. We all know that viruses are one of the main causes your computer can become slow. It was also catch any malicious activity that is being harmful to your data.

Run Updates Frequently. Making sure your computer software and applications are up to date is important in the health of your computer. Making softwares will release changes, updates and patches that help with the overall function and protection of the application. If you’re computer is running slow, checking your updates and making sure everything is updated, is a good start.


Questions about keeping your computers healthy? Not sure where to start and interested in having some of these processes automated? We can help with that! Reach out to us today to start a conversation! Email us at or call us at 423-664-8700

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