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Tips and Tricks on All Things Passwords


Passwords are arguably one of the most important things in business. We know that compromised passwords can lead to unwanted hackers gaining access to your personal data and your systems. So what can you do to help minimize your risk? Check out some of these tips below to help you keep your passwords safe and secure!


  1. Always Use Complex Passwords.

Making sure your passwords are strong and complex can help brute force attackers to stay out. Typically password length is always a minimum requirement for creation. Having passwords at least 8 characters long is advantageous. Also using a combination of numbers, special characters and letters can help up your complexity level.


  1. Don’t Share Your Passwords.

Thinking about letting your friend have one of your passwords? I would think again. You may not know what kind of cyber habits your friend has and you wouldn’t want your password compromised within someone else’s devices. That includes not writing passwords down on sticky notes or sending them emails. The best thing to do is to enter your password yourself if it’s necessary.


  1. Never Reuse Passwords.

We know it’s hard to remember passwords. It’s so tempting to use your most remembered password for multiple platforms. But that increases your risk that more systems would be compromised if someone determined your password. If you do fall victim to a hack, it also narrows down what passwords your need to reset. If you’re having trouble remember passwords, look into utilization a password manager.


  1. Reset Your Password Frequently.

Changing your password more frequently will help protect your data. We know that’s not ideal and you can only come up with so many different passwords, but it’s ideal to come up with a schedule to change your passwords every so often. You may not realize that your passwords could be on the dark web or compromised for a while before an attacker acts. So changing your password can help to mitigate that.


  1. Use Multi-Factor Authentication.

We always stress multi-factor authentication. Make sure it’s setup on every account that you can. If your password ever gets compromised, the multi-factor authentication will alert you and hopefully deter a bad actor.



Questions about how to have a secure posture when it comes to passwords? Invicta Partners is happy to start a conversation with you! Call us at 423-664-8700 or email us at


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