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My Computer is Running Slow!

We’ve all been there. We’re in the middle of a work day, and our computer starts running slow. It’s slow to open programs, it’s slow to click on windows, it’s just interrupting our day! Spending time waiting for your computer load can not only be frustrating but it can really kill your productivity. So now what? How do I find out why my computer is running slow? We’re here to share with you a couple of reaons why your computer might not be running in tip top shape. 


  1. Check your background programs. Sometimes your computer can run slow if you have too many programs open. Background processes can bog down your computer. Knowing which programs need to run all the time and which ones you can kill, will definitely help your computer run better.


  1. Not enough resources. If you computer does not have the right amount of RAM or memory, it’s easy for your computer to get bogged down. Internet downloads and temporary files can play a large part in eating up storage space. If you have access to store what you files in a cloud solution, try using that as an option. Deleting downloads that aren't necessary and empting your trash bin are also good habits to get into. 


  1. You could have a virus. Viruses often times run processes in the background that can encrypt your files, take data and passwords. Many times you may not know that you have a virus running in the background. That’s why it’s important to notify your IT department if your computer is running slow. Having an IT team or person that can manage your anti-virus and make sure that you have the best end point detection can help you make sure you don’t have bad actors lurking on your computer.


  1. You are past due on your updates. Updates get released on a weekly and sometimes even daily basis. When vendors and programs release updates, they’re often important and necessary to continue using your program. Getting behind in updates can cause your programs to start to run poorly. It’s important to run these updates to make sure that your software does not get behind in security updates and changes to features. Your IT department should let you know the best time to have these updates run, which is often after working hours, to make sure you’re up to date.


If you’re having computer issues, Invicta Partners is here to help troubleshoot, advise and make the best recommendations for your business. Reach us at 423-664-8700 or email us at to start the conversation today!


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