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Invicta Partners, LLC Acquires BC Communications


CHATTANOOGA, TN - February 1, 2022 - Invicta Partners, LLC, a local IT firm that focuses on providing best in class technology support to businesses, announces the acquisition of BC Communications. This will be the second technology company acquired by Invicta Partners in the last 24 months.


BC Communications has been providing businesses in Chattanooga with technology support for computers, servers, security cameras, and phone systems. With the acquisition of BC Communications, Invicta will be bringing Phillip Waters onboard as a Senior Sales Architect. Mr. Waters comes with 29 years of experience in providing business technology solutions and customer service. 


This acquisition announcement continues to propel Invicta Partners forward in supporting local businesses with their technology needs. Invicta Partners sees growth in customer support and technology offerings, as they bring on more resources to support their commitment to customers.


About Invicta Partners, LLC

Invicta Partners is a fully managed IT firm offering customized network solutions to small to medium sized businesses. As a certified Microsoft partner, Invicta provides expertise in cloud environments and network security. Other services include data center hosting, disaster recovery and data backup, and general desktop support. Invicta is headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee with an additional office in Nashville.


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