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Cybersecurity Trends for 2023

As we reach the end of the year, it’s important that we continue to look forward and keep up with the trends that can impact businesses, especially when it comes to technology trends. That is why we’ve compiled a small list of some trends for 2023 that can affect all businesses and organizations, regardless of size.


  • Vendor consolidation will become more important. Minimizing the number of vendors, services and tools, but still investing in IT security will be a continuing goal for businesses. Businesses will seek to pay for what they need without overlapping services and have consolidated bills. But businesses will still continue to invest in new services.


  • The human firewall will continue to be important to invest in. End users will forever be a crucial factor when it comes to cybersecurity. Bad actors are still coming up with new ways to gain access to networks and all it takes is one wrong click on an email or a link. Making sure that employees have the proper and recurring education can help mitigate risks to both individuals and organizations.


  • Cybersecurity for remote workers are still top of mind. Working remotely still has a large appeal for many Americans. People want that flexibility and will keeps looking for jobs that have that. This means that IT departments will have to continue to invest in cybersecurity for those types of employees. That means offering the same security awareness training programs, keeping good inventory of technology assets and making sure updates, patches and AV are deployed.


At Invicta Partners, we are keeping up with the latest technology trends and technologies that are available. We want to help your business succeed and find the best solutions for you and your employees. We wish our will our community, customers, employees and families a happy and healthy 2023!

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