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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2023

Another end to an October means another end to a Cybersecurity Awareness month. If we can take ownership and do our part in regards to cybersecurity, we can help not only our personal lives be safer, but our businesses as well. But we should remember that these are all things we should be practicing all year, and not just the month of October. With a few steps, we can all stay a little bit safer online. Let’s take a minute to look at some things that we as individuals can focus on.


  1. Turn on MFA.

MFA should always be turned on if the account supports it. This can help greatly deter bad actors. Passwords get hacked every day, but the second layer of authentication can help stop bad actors in their track. You email, social media and any important accounts tied to money or personal information, should all have that option.


  1. Use Strong Passwords.

We know it’s annoying to have to create complex passwords, but this is something that is crucial. All of your passwords should have a combination of letters, numbers, special characters and capital letters and capital letters. You should also change your passwords often. If you have trouble keeping track of the passwords, there are a lot of password managers out there that are safe and secure and can even help generate passwords for you.


  1. Update Software.

Software updates are always important. Usually an update comes out because there’s a some sort of a security fix or patches that make the product better. You should regularly check for updates on any softwares that you use.


  1. Recognize and Report Phishing

Knowing how to spot a phishing attack is half the battle. Arm yourself and make sure you don’t give your credentials or personal information to a bad actor. Remember that most organizations won’t ask you for personal information via email, phone calls, or texts managers. When in doubt, call the organization or ask your IT department if the request is legit.



Questions about how to stay safe online? Invicta Partners is here to help and we’re ready to start a conversation today!



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