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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Here we are at the month of October again, which means were in another month of Cybersecurity Awareness. In case you haven’t seen our recent posts, this year’s focus is “See Yourself in Cyber.” This theme is raising awareness to the people portion of cybersecurity. Providing the best information to arm you as an individual to make the best decisions when it comes to technology is what this month is all about. As we like to say at Invicta Partners, the human firewall is the most important piece of technology. That means that if we can educate and raise awareness to people on the best practices surrounding cybersecurity, then we can help to mitigate risks at home, at school and at work and protect our data.

There are 3 main focuses for this year’s theme of people:

  • See yourself taking action to stay safe online
  • See yourself joining the cyber workforce
  • See yourself as part of the solution

All of these are on the topic of what you can do personally. Thinking before you click on a suspicious link, not using weak passwords and updating your software are all things that we do on a personal level to help heighten our security. Joining the cybersecurity workforce is another thing that people are bringing to attention this year. As a society, we need more individuals that are interested to join the cybersecurity workforce. This is a very important sector that can help keep people and businesses safe. Lastly, seeing yourself as part of the solution focuses on working together and collaborating on protecting critical infrastructure.

In the spirit of this theme, CISA has highlighted some steps that they everyone can take this month and moving forward.

  • Enable Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Use Strong Passwords
  • Update Software
  • Think Before You Click


Remember, cybersecurity starts with you!

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