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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Network Assessment

Most things in life need regular check ups. You take your car to get regular tune ups, you go to the doctor and dentist for check ups. Why should your network for your business be any different? Things change and business grow and evolve over time. It’s imperative that you make sure your IT infrastructure supports those changes.

A network assessment should provide a full inventory list, as well as a comprehensive map of your network. This should outline things like applications, connected devices and policies among your network. Having network assessments completed by third parties can help your IT network stay up to date and secure.


Here are 3 reasons your business can benefit from an in depth network assessment

  1. Improve Security. The right network assessment can help identify any security risks in within your network. That could be anything from end users behavior to outdated technologies. Gaining that full visibility into your network can help you understand what’s on your network and why, which then you can make sure your security policies cover everything.


  1. Find Cost Savings. A network assessment should look at equipment on your network and their ages. It should look at all of the applications and softwares being used or paid for. Often times when you take inventory, you’ll find softwares or applications that are no longer being used. You may find old accounts that aren’t being used, like email addresses. By eliminating those things not in use, you can have significant cost savings in some instanced. There is also always a potential to find new cost saving technologies to implement, like cloud solutions.


  1. Develop a strategic road map for your IT infrastructure. Having insight into your network is valuable. This can help you and your IT team create strategies to move your business forward. By knowing what you have you, you’ll be able to determine what you need in the future. Whether that’s transitioning to different technologies, consolidating or creating automation. If you know what the plan is from your network, your IT staff can focus on other important tasks to get there.


Did you know that Invicta Partners offers network assessments? We offer a wide range of services for small businesses and enterprises. We provide detailed reports and can help you understand what we fine. Contact us today to get one started!

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